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May 13
Hidden Traps in Decision Making - FRAMING

What makes all these ‘heuristics’ so dangerous is their invisibility to the decision-maker. We fail to see or recognize them. “Sometimes the fault lies not in the decision-making process but rather in the mind of decision-maker” -John S. Hammond

Feb 24
What is Ego Depletion ?.... How it influences workplace ethical & unethical behaviors!

One critical challenge that organizational leaders face is to remain focused on the display of ethical behavior during their fragmented, hectic, and disorderly workdays. There are many ethical failures within organizations.

Feb 12
Creative Leadership & Artificial Intelligence creating a more comprehensive and responsive healthcare system.

It was considered that guiding AI through Empathy, Clarity, and Creativity, would enable the development of powerful assessment tools and platforms for people, projects, organizations, and technologies

Feb 03
Artificial Intelligence program Metaphor-like Processes or Analogies

"We are nowhere near creating true Artificial Intelligence, or understanding consciousness."